24 Apr

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Top App in several countries and distributed for free on the App Store, Dragon Raid is getting an update in commemoration of its success and for the Chinese Year of the Dragon in 2012. Developed by the Dead Mushroom team in partnership with the publisher Great Play Games!, Dragon Raid is now available in several languages ​​- including Portuguese and Japanese – and brings a new balance in the gameplay, with points proportional to the distance traveled by the dragon and increasing speed.

Besides these changes, the player can buy the powerful Chinese Water Dragon by In-App Purchase, which lets you control the direction of your attacks, and comes with a beautiful theme stage, with new enemies and challenges.

In Dragon Raid, you’re a fiery dragon with the objective of burning your enemies while avoiding arrows and other obstacles threatening your life. The game features an intuitive gameplay, using the device’s functionalities such as the accelerometer to move the dragon around. The player can also blow in the microphone or tap the screen to burn enemies.

Along with the update of Dragon Raid, Dead Mushroom is also launching its second game in the App Store: Crazy Bitsy Spider, where you control a friendly spider to form webs and capture the insects that go through the scenario. Both games are now available for Android.


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