01 Nov

Post Title / Halloween Update

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Halloween came to Crazy Bitsy Spider, game developed by Brazilian team of Dead Mushroom for iOS and Android. A new Halloween theme pack with 10 stages is now available with the new update. Now, the charming spider will face new challenges through a dark witch´s basement full of dangers.

Control the friendly Bitsy Spider to build her webs and capture the bugs that go through the stage. Make a strategy to catch each one of the insects, and be fast enough to eat them before they release from the web or the time runs out.

Besides the theme pack, there are 30 levels distributed in three thematic scenarios (forest, sweet and sewer) full of different bugs, each with their own abilities.

Along with the update, also have new items in the shop to help the player. Like a recharger webs and healing for use in times of difficulty, plus a powerful golden web to hold the heaviest bugs.

Download now and have fun with this new adventure of Crazy Bitsy Spider. Completely free in the App Store and Google Play!


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