14 May

Post Title / Meet Crazy Bitsy Spider

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Following the success of Dragon Raid –  first game for iOS and Top App in many countries, the brazilian team of Dead Mushroom in partnership with the publisher GreatPlay Games release Crazy Bitsy Spider, available for free on the App Store and Top App in several countries.

The game is a fun action puzzle game where you help a charming spider to build your webs and catch bugs in various challenging levels.  The challenge is to eat a variety of insects determined at each stage.

There are 30 levels distributed in three thematic scenarios (forest, candy and sewers), all filled with different bugs, each one with their own properties, which can inflict damage to the spider, recover her healths or break the webs more easily. Characteristics that require different strategies from the player to capture each type of bug.

Crazy Bitsy Spider also has an In-App purchase for the player to buy items that help catching the bugs – like lightning strikes that trigger shocks in her web, and carnivorous plants that can be used as traps for bugs.

More stages will be released soon.


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