11 Oct

Post Title / Face Aliens and Ninjas!

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The new game from Dead Mushroom team is now available on the App Store and Google Play! It’s Cowboy vs. Aliens vs Ninjas, an intense action game where the player controls the fearless gunfighter Chuck West to eliminate all ninjas and aliens who are taking the Old West. It will not be an easy job! Equip yourself with the most powerful weapons from the arsenal, ranging from common revolvers to devastating alien guns, pick your best hat and take the fastest mount to go to the battle against this invasion.

You must fight against his enemies in different scenarios in order to free the Old Wild West! Shoot your enemies with both manual and auto-aim. There are many different foes to defeat, each one with its own behavior and strategy. The game quickly goes from easy-to-play to insane mode!

Use a bunch of human weapons like shotguns, rifles and chain machine guns, all of them with infinity ammo! In addition to powerful alien weapons, like laser pistols, explosives and a gravity weapon to massacre all the enemies!

Chuck West can also be customized! There are trendy hats to be used during the battles. There is also a variety of mounts available, including a badass bull and a stylish floating alien motorcycle! The game is full of in-game power-ups, such as a mystical hot pepper that will heat you with the power to raise your damage and fire rate.

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